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5th February 2020


We have uploaded this morning a fantastic new knitting kit of Fairisle Fingerless Mitts- A Spash of colour.  The kit consists of the pattern, plus 6x 25g of 4ply skeins. They are absolutely stunning as always. Designed by our own Chris Goodall, there has been a lot of interest in them so far.

We have also added some wonderful Fine Art Greeting cards of our flock. One of our wonderful designers, Ruth Dorrington, took a Fine Arts course at Leeds University, and became an artist, painting wonderful creations as well as designing amazing knitwear.She took a few photos I had taken of my sheep and painted them as original watercolours. She then had them printed up as Fine Art Greeting Cards, which can be used for any occasion, or as notelets. They are blank inside with "Doulton Border Leicester Flock from an original watercolour by Ruth Dorrington" They come in packs of 5, each with an envelope and encased in a Cello pack.

Don't forget we also have three very new Sweater knitting kits available on line now and they are so hard to choose from!

The Wool Queen knitting kit is  such a  stunning sweater.! It is a form fitting, roll neck, ribbed jumper with cables arranged asymmetrically, front and back, with raglan sleeves. Designed for us by our own Ruth Dorrington it is beautiful. Available in 6 sizes and your choice of colours in DK

Cogs And Wheels is a wonderful Yoked Aran sweater. Slightly shaped at the waist, in two colours. Again another stunning sweater by Ruth Dorrington.

Last but not least is Lunch in York, a wonderfully smart jacket which can be dressed up for formal occassions and worn over a shirt and trousers for linformal ocassions. Designed by Hazel it is beautiful!

All of our  patterns are designed specifically for our rare breed, breed specific, single farm, slaughter free, ethically produced, 100% pure British yarns, and are available in all weights. Watch this space!!









Free shipping for UK customers who spend £50 excluding Vat and over.



The Doulton Flock Story

Group of Border Leicester sheepOur story begins way back in 1997 when I bought a couple of  rare breed, British Border Leicester ewe lambs from Lanark Auction Mart. I knew very little about sheep, even less about Border Leicesters at that time. All I knew was that. after a chance encounter with a huge ram, at East of England Show, I was hooked. I loved his amazing head, so proud, with the big roman nose. I loved the way he showed himself off, even while just standing beside his owner, who was sitting on a bench. I loved his dignity.

Two months later I took delivery of the 2 ewe lambs which the ram’s owner bought for me at Lanark. They were so wild, climbing up the walls and flinging themselves around! I called them Minnie and Martha after Coronation Street characters and it didn’t take too long before we became friends. Each of them had wonderful personalities and were so beautiful. They also had wonderful, long stapled, crimped, semi lustrous fleeces, perfect for spinners and for processing into wonderful yarns.

None of my sheep ever go for slaughter.  I prefer to say that they are born to grow old, which is what happens here.

We take great pride in our sheep, and ensure that they are all well fed and looked after, even after they have reached ages when their fleeces cannot be used. We have an old age pensioner's barn and fields.

To grow beautiful fibre you must feed good protein feed and we do this from a couple of weeks after the lambs are born until they are shearlings. We also feed the ewes and lambs. Letting sheep eat only grass encourages breaks in the wool. Every year we test our various fields to see what condition they are in, whether they are lacking in any  nutrients. We then add the nutrients. We also plough each field every three years to get rid of any worm burden. We produce our own excellent hay and haylage, then we are not buying rubbish in.

We have been in a lot of sheep helath schemes to ensure that they are as healthy as can be. We've now been in the MV scheme for over 20 years, which protects them from respiratory diseases. we vaccinate against pasturella, and many other diseases which can kill.

Most of all we love them dearly and always will.

The years went on and my two lambs turned gradually into 300 sheep. I learned how to show, to appreciate good fleeces and to breed for fleeces.

I started to sell their beautiful crimped fleeces to spinners and eventually got my first batch of handpicked fleeces processed into a beautiful yarn.

We are now on our 4th year of producing our fabulous slaughterfree, cruelty free, rare breed, British, Doulton Border Leicester yarn. All with full provenance.

The Border Leicester changed my life completely. For the better I believe.

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