Doulton Border Leicester yarn in Semerwater in 4ply


Semerwater in 4ply.

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This beautiful rare breed Doulton Border Leicester yarn was produced from the fleeces of my 300 strong pedigree Border Leicester flock, who we farm here in North Yorkshire. The flock is high welfare and all of them live to grow old here at home.

After shearing, we handpick our fleeces and transport them a little way to Bradford where they are washed, combed and finally worsted spun into 100 gms skeins.

The yarn has a great handle and gives great stitch definition. It drapes very well indeed. The perfect yarn for your special project.

Washing care: Pure wool-handwash and dry flat.

Semerwater is the second largest natural lake in North Yorkshire. It is a glacial lake in the tiny dale of Raydale, off upper Wensleydale. The name comes from the old English sae, sea or lake, and mere, which can mean either pool or marsh, giving it the meaning of a marshy lake. The lake sits in a three-sided valley and always seems to be a very dark blue. There are many legends and folklore about Semerwater. One legend says that when the wealthy town people refused to help a poor beggar, he cursed the town and caused it to be submerged except for the poorest cottage where they gave him food. In 1937 when the water level was very low, excavations uncovered an iron-age settlement on what is now the bed of the lake.

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