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This beautiful worsted spun yarn was made from the fleeces of my much loved 300 strong pedigree Border Leicester flock, which we farm here in North Yorkshire. Their fleeces are so wonderful, crimped, strong, long in staple ansd semi lustrous so I decided to get them processed to see what the end result would be. I was absolutely over the moon with the fantastic worsted spun yarn and here we are, offering this high end yarn to you.

Once we shear the sheep, we carefully handpick the fleeces and transport them over to Bradford, which is only an hour and a half from us. This is good for the environment as we dont leave a huge carbon footprint behind us.
Once there they get washed, combed and finally worsted spun.

The yarn itself has a great handle, superb stitch definition and drape . Perfect for your special project. It comes in 100 gm skeins.

*Pure 100% British Wool
*Slaughter free yarn from a single flock
*Rare breed Doulton Border Leicesters.
*All with Full Provenance
*Worsted spun
*Made in Yorkshire
*Each 100 g skein is 300 metres in length
*Bouncy, versatile yarn which gives great stitch definition.
*Handwash and dry flat.

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